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Our priority is your safety

First Sougia Taxi and Eftichis Vittorakis with the unique vehicle Audi Q7 Sougia Taxi welcome you to Chania and Crete.

Sougia Taxi Vittorakis drivers take you to your desired destination safely and consistently without delays.
Sougia Taxi drivers are highly trained., polite, with respect and they speak English very well.

Eftychis Vittorakis and his team focus on offering excellent Sougia Taxi services to our passengers and the high quality of Sougia taxi vehicles

Our goal is for our passengers to feel happy, comfortable and safe in Sougia Taxi Vittorakis.

Enjoy the route to and from Sougia as far and difficult as it is with the unique and comfortable Audi Q7 taxi of Sougia.

Sougia Minivan

Our goal is for our passengers to feel happy, comfortable and safe in our Sougia Minivan Vittorakis.

Enjoy the route to and from Sougia as far and difficult as it is with the unique and comfortable Citroen & Peugeot Minivan of Sougia.

Citroen & Peugeot Sougia Minivan Services Vittorakis
Sougia Minivan Vittorakis can board until 8 passengers

Minivan Sougia Taxi in Chania has a large luggage area

  • Chania Airport to Sougia Taxi
  • Heraklion Airport to Sougia Taxi
  • Sougia to Omalos Taxi
  • Sougia to Samaria Gorge Taxi
  • Sougia to Agia Irini gorge Taxi
  • Sougia to Paleochora Taxi
  • Sougia to Elafonisi Taxi
  • Sougia to Sfakia Taxi
  • Sougia to Rethimno Taxi
  • Sougia Taxi Vittorakis can board until 4 passengers
  • Audi Q7 Sougia Taxi in Chania has a large luggage area
  • Best Sougia Taxi Services for people with special needs & elderly people
  • Sougia Taxi services for patients
  • Friendly for pets Sougia Taxi Services
  • Best prices quaranteed
  • Reliable Taxi service in Chania and Sougia
  • We are dedicated in offering the best taxi service in Sougia and Crete
  • Sanitizers in Taxi to Sougia
  • 20 Minute gap between transfers to Sougia to Chania
  • Collect, load and unload luggage services
  • Child Seats with Isofix on request
  • Comfortable vehicles
  • Experienced Drivers
  • Immediate online and phone response
  • Reliable services
  • Trust and safety
  • Easy Booking system
  • No pre-payment
  • 24h taxi service in Chania
  • Booking Sougia Taxi Vittorakis you always pay at the end of the route, either with cash or card, directly to your Sougia Taxi driver.
  • After each ride, our drivers have 20 minutes to clean the car and ventilate the cabin
  • You can request to have zero contact with the driver during the transfer with just one click
  • We provide hand sanitisers and hand wipes for all our travellers and drivers
  • Prebook your airport taxi and skip the lines to avoid wasting your time
  • Private taxi transfers with the same prices as a taxi from the regular line
  • Recognize your driver while he will be holding a sign with your name written on
  • We track all flights through a mobile application
  • No additional charges in case your flight is late
  • Special offers & discounts for your route back to the airport

Private Tours and Excursions

Sougia Taxi & Minivan Services Vittorakis at Chania of Cete

Explore South Chania with Locals

Book a private excursion with us and discover some of the most popular sightseeings in Chania and Crete

We make personalized trips for maintaining freedom of your movements

Our travel agency and our team of Sougia Taxi & Minivan Services Vittorakis have perfectly planned for you some suggested excursions. In these all-day tours you will enjoy the natural beauty of Crete. Also you will learn some of the cretan history and culture of our area in South Chania. You will also taste the famous Cretan cuisine, the famous wedding pilafi, the intoxicating red wine and the famous tsikoudia.

Our exceptional company’s reputation is based on combining an outstanding fleet of vehicles with professional personnel.

We take our fleet management very seriously, and want to make sure that our vehicles are always up to code and safe.

Highly trained drivers have specialized knowledge in South Chania and the difficult routes of Crete.

They are dedicated to offering high-quality shuttle services so as to make your stay in Crete even more enjoyable!

Trust our team to organize a perfect tour around south Chania, a customized excursion or to offer you the best transfer – transportation services all over Crete.

Choose a tour from the tours we suggest and come and customize it together according to your personal preferences.

(Important note: In case you want a professional, licensed tour guide, it can be arranged upon request, at an additional cost.)

Tours and Excursions in South Chania by Vittorakis Travel

Do you have another excursion or tour in mind? Contact us immediately and share it with Vittorakis Travel team. We will organize a tailor made especially for you.

Time on vacation in Crete is even more precious that’s why we offer you memorable tours through the Cretan mainland and VIP private transfers to any destination

All day Samaria Gorge Experience from Chania

Hike the largest gorge in Europe and learn about Crete’s flora & fauna. Walk inside the gorge and explore the amazing nature beauty. Discover the South coast of Chania region & swim in the Lybian sea

Half / All day tour Sougia and Agia Irini Gorge from Chania

An ideal tour through a smaller gorge and more easier than Samaria gorge is Agia Irini Gorge. A light hiking tour away from the crowds and ideal for everyone. Agia irini gorge is located on the western Lefka Ori mountains. Most of the gorge is shady and at the end you will reach Sougia village for a quick swim. It is breathtaking, ideal for nature lovers and wildlife watchers.

Day trip to Elafonisi beach from Sougia, Chania

Explore with Vittorakis Travel the magical island of Elafonisi at the southhern coast of Crete surrounded by shallow lagoons with crystal blue waters and pinkish sands

  • Private Taxi & Minivan Tours and Excursions in Crete
  • Half / all day tours to explore South Chania
  • Personalized trips for your family and friends
  • Comfortable vehicles
  • Best prices guaranteed
  • The only official authorized travel agency in Sougia, South Chania
  • Best prices guaranteed
  • No hidden fees
  • Proffessional and licenced drivers
  • New and Luxury vehicles
    Comfort and safety
Booking with Vittorakis travel you always pay either with cash or card.

Hike in Sougia, Chania , Crete

Sougia Chania Crete Hiking with Vittorakis Travel

Hiking in Sougia, Chania, Crete

If you like hiking in Sougia in Chania, Crete, you have an amazing advantage. You can always be near the sea while hiking, something you do not find in many places. Many of the hiking trails run just above the coastline or take you to small and secluded beaches where you can enjoy the sea privately. Another great advantage of hiking in the Sougia area is that you can walk some of the trails yourself. However, some trails you can only walk with the help of a guide and a good connoisseur of the area, due to the difficulty and dangers.
Plan your hike around Sougia according to your preferences, so you can enjoy your vacation and have the best experience.

The combination of hiking, nature and culture in the unspoiled depths of the enchanting landscape of Sougia is an extremely successful recipe for people who want to discover Crete with awe. Vittorakis Travel and the Eftychis team aim to offer an alternative to mass tourism and introduce participants to the unknown side of the island. We are able to organize tailor-made excursions and transfers with or without meals. We offer you new ways to get to know this place we call home.

Our desire is to show you a different side of Crete and give you the opportunity to get in touch with the unique Cretan nature. We will guide you along beautiful paths, through magnificent gorges and small picturesque villages, where you can admire the magnificence of the Cretan landscape and feel the generous hospitality of the Cretans. To fulfill this desire, we have chosen paths with different levels of difficulty (easy-difficult) and easy access, so that almost everyone can participate in our excursions.

Are you looking for new places to discover away from mass tourism? Would you like to spend a carefree vacation and enjoy the genuine Cretan hospitality close to nature and overlooking the endless blue of the Libyan Sea? Then Sougia is the ideal vacation destination for you, your friends or your family.

Drive 70 km south of the city of Chania. At the end of the route you will find the small fishing village of Sougia at the foot of the White Mountains. From here start more than 20 different hiking trails, small and large, easy and difficult. An ideal destination for nature lovers and for those who want to experience something different and more adventurous. Enjoy a swim at the beautiful long pebble beach of Sougia and explore the whole southern prefecture of Chania from here. Believe us, you will be surprised.

Most of the regular visitors come mainly in spring and autumn. In April and May you can admire the Cretan nature, as the trees and flowers are at the peak of their beauty after a very rainy winter. It is sure to enchant you and make you want to come back again and again. Then, after a long and very hot summer, in September and October the temperatures start to drop and the sea has the best temperature. Most people prefer the autumn season because then they can combine activities by the sea with hiking in the Cretan mountains.
  • Sougia – Pefki (EASY)
  • Sougia round walk (EASY)
  • Sougia Lissos (EASY)
  • Sougia – Kamaria (Easy)
  • Sougia – Polyphemus Cave (Moderate)
  • Sougia – Agios Antonios (Moderate)
  • Fygou Gorge (Moderate)
  • Agia Irini Gorge (Moderate)
  • Sougia – Agios Georgios Chapel (Moderate)
  • Agios Giannis – Kamaria – Sougia (Moderate)
  • Agios Giannis – Armos – Sougia (Moderate)
  • Sougia – Paleochora (Moderate)
  • Sougia – Profitis Ilias Chapel (Moderate)
  • Sougia to Tripiti (Hard)
  • Omalos – Koustogerako (Hard)
  • Samaria Gorge (Hard)
  • Sougia – Domata – Agia Roumeli (Very Hard)
  • Omalos – Koustogerako – Sougia (Very Hard)
  • Gigilos Peak (Very Hard)

Book Sougia Taxi Vittorakis directly

Fill out the form and tell us what additional services you want so that we can help you in the best way

Do you want to come to Sougia by ferry from Gavdos or from Sfakia and Paleochora?

Visit ANENDYK's website and find the route that suits you, so you can experience an unforgettable journey by sea. From Sfakia and Paleochora you can arrive via the European long distance trail E4 and we will bring you back to your destination

Would you like to arrive in Sougia by bus?

Check with the local KTEL for the timetables that suit you

Discover Sougia, Chania, Crete and the Unique Trails

We will guide you to unique and beautiful paths, gorges and villages in Sougia and South Chania of Crete Learn more about the mountain ranges, valleys, gorges and other parts of Crete that we offer tours. Discover unique new singletrack trails in the most authentic and unexplored places of Crete.

Do you have your own car?

There is a road connection to Sougia from Chania, Paleochora, Elafonissi, Kissamos, Rethymno and Heraklion

Explore Sougia, Chania and Crete

We offer all visitors the opportunity to discover the unique and unknown Cretan nature in South Chania. Our team and our partners have hiking experience and respect for nature

Explore Sougia the south of Chania

with the locals at Vittorakis travel

Private excursions by cab or minivan in Sougia from the area of Chania in combination with the ideal cruise for you by Vittorakis Travel.

When you book a private excursion with Vittorakis Travel, you will discover unknown areas in the south of Chania.

We organize the excursions according to your wishes, so you have the freedom to move around.

The team of Vittorakis Travel Agency and Sougia Taxi and Minivan Services Vittorakis has carefully planned some excursion proposals for you. Enjoy with Vittorakis Travel the natural beauty on unknown beaches in the south of Chania. You will also learn about the history of Crete and the culture of our region in the south of Chania. Enjoy the Cretan cuisine made from local products and at the same time taste the excellent red wine.

Trust us and spend a pleasant vacation, safe and carefree in Sougia.

Our staff are locals and have special knowledge about South Chania and the difficult areas of Sougia Crete.

The entire team of Vittorakis Travel is committed to providing quality transportation services and cruises to make your vacation in Crete even more enjoyable!

Trust our team to organize a perfect tour of the south of Chania in combination with a cruise or an individual excursion, or to offer you the best transfer services in the whole of Crete.

With us you can visit from Sougia

  • Agia Roumeli
  • Gialiskari – Sandy Beach
  • Loutro
  • Paleochora
  • Tripiti
  • Lissos
  • Domata Beach
  • Marmara Beach
  • Agios Antonios Church

Choose now a cruise with vittorakis travel and let us design it together according to your personal preferences


Vacation time in Crete is even more precious. That's why we offer unforgettable tours in the Cretan hinterland and VIP private transfers to any destination.

Do you have another trip in mind? Contact us directly and the team of Vittorakis Travel will organize a program specifically tailored to your needs.

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